Thursday, April 22, 2010

She's a Star

One of my dear friends was made a star today on channel 2's Everyday show.
She is  
a phenomenal writer, 
a wife,  
a mother of 4 darling girls (one of which has the same name as me, which I LOVE), 
a fighter, 
a warrior, 
a survivor.
She was diagnosed in May 2008 with stage four breast cancer.  She had received my name and information from a few different people in the month after she was diagnosed and I had received a few calls about her at the same time.  Both of us young, mothers, and breast cancer patients.  I suppose it was fate that we were to meet, and I am so glad that we did.  Anytime you are around Heather you are guaranteed to have great conversation and most of the time a lot of laughs.  What an awesome combination.  Both of us being very busy mothers we aren't able to connect very often but when we do, it is always wonderful.  I love that she is so open and honest with things that she experiences and she isn't afraid to just put it out there.  She is the editor in chief of get born magazine, the uncensored voice of motherhood and "bore it all" on the cover of her spring issue.  

She was asked to be a guest on the Everyday show on channel 2 this morning and was a star!  Here is her interview from this morning.

She is amazing and I am blessed to know her and call her a friend.
I relay for you Heather.  

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  1. I think only Eliza could make me ball like a baby this early in the morning. Thank you, friend. I love you and am so glad to know you.

  2. Well you are amazing. And I love you. What are friends for if they don't make you ball like a baby in the morning? :-)