Monday, April 26, 2010

Here's to You Mrs. Robinson!

Meet Mrs. Robinson.

She's a teacher so it is the P.C. title, right? I love that song, by the way, a true classic.
But back to her.... She recently celebrated her 3 years of being cancer free with normal blood work. We're going to be counting these for years to come together and it is going to be awesome! Shari's younger brother and I were in the same graduating class in high school and she coached cheerleading at our rival school Thompson Valley so I had known who Shari was for a long time, I didn't truly get to know her until she was diagnosed with breast cancer right after Christmas of 2006. I had been diagnosed the August before, and Olivia attended the same preschool as her daughter. We connected through our preschool.
Since then we have stayed in touch through our treatments, surgeries and support groups. Here is a group of us at one of our survivor dinners at PF Changs. All sporting the 'butch' hair cut. Yeah for hair!
Most recently we have been able to see each other every week with her being Olivia's cheer coach. She was also able to celebrate being a survivor by participating in the survivor fashion show at the Hope Lives! Gala this last October. You can read her story (and Jennifer's story from the previous post) from the October 2009 issue of Style here. I was able to attend that awesome event and here she is working the runway!

She had participated in relay for several years before she was diagnosed with school.  The first year I participated in relay she was the survivor chair and gave an amazing and inspirational speech.
I hate what cancer has put me through, but without that experience I would not be the person I am today.  I would not have been part of the cancer club, and would not have been able to experience these friendships. 

So, here's to you Mrs. Robinson and years more of celebrating our normal blood work! 

I relay for you Shari!
Please follow the link on the side bar to donate to my relay for life efforts
 give a little, to what has taken a lot

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