Monday, April 19, 2010

My First Survivor Friend

Meet Jennifer Entner...and husband, Jay.

This bombshell was at the front lines when I was diagnosed.  She was the first survivor I knew.  She was diagnosed when her daughter was only 10 months old. She took me to my first support group meeting.  She was there to answer all my questions from the stand point of someone who had experienced first hand what cancer can do to a person.  She listened to me cry when I lost my hair.  She gave me advice.  She wrote me encouraging letters and cards.  She became a wonderful friend.  This gem introduced me to relay because her family participates in it every year.  This picture was taken at the first relay I participated in 3 years ago at the survivor's dinner.  I am so thankful for the role she played in my cancer experience.  It was a blessing to have someone to talk to that could tell me how things were going to be and what to expect.  Jennifer just celebrated her 9 year mark.  I love you Jennifer!!  I relay for you! 
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