Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"Old" Judy

This is the lovely Judy. Isn't she beautiful?

I think this is a lovely picture of her.  

I met Judy through an online support group I started for survivors in our community.  She came to a dinner that I organized with her daughter.  This is the first time I met Judy.

She is a riot.  Always a fun time with Judy around.  There was a time shortly after she joined the group that another Judy joined the message board.  From then on she referred to herself as "Old" Judy.  
This is how I remember Judy.

She was a wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother.  She was from Nebraska and cheered for the cornhuskers.  I learned that she loved ham salad and extra large kleenex. ha!  Judy I know, you're laughing.  To know Judy is to love Judy.  Judy posted this funny story on a survivor's writers group she belonged to:

"I've Seen the Future--Now I Want My Money Back
Can we stop time, please? I want it to be at least a month ago.

This morning I got a glimpse of my future, and it is not a good look for me.

Picture me this morning; lying on an ambulance cart, wearing a really old nightgown with one of Joe's holy (full of wholes) undershirt over it, with oatmeal stains from earlier breakfast on it. No front partial teeth in. Funny little hair sprouting into stick-out lumps all over my fat steroidal head. Now picture several absolutely adorable young EMT's hovering around me.

I was so miserable anyway, a little attractiveness could have gone along way in saving me.

I am now tucked in for the nite at a hospital in Loveland CO, in the section attended by hospice nurses. Thanks to wonderful drugs, and good nursing, I can breathe again!

A really have a hilarious story for you all. Nurses had each been asking if my cough was bringing up anything. Finally, I coughed up something of substance and saved it in a Kleenex to show a nurse. The next one that came in got a nice view of it, as I asked her if she thought the color in it came from blood? She did not scream and run from the room, but I then did see her name tag --- not "Nurse" but rather "Volunteer".

Love to you all, and if for some reason I don't write for a worrisome length, you can contact my daughter and she will fill you in.

I dearly love you all, and treasure the time we have spent together here;

Judith Warren Vasiliauskas “Judy V” passed away on 12/6/09, after a courageous battle with breast cancer.

 She was my friend, and I loved her, and I still do.  I love that she made everyone around her feel special and loved.  I love that she loved life. I love that she found humor in situations that most people would not.

I love and miss you dearly my friend.  I know you are in a better place and free of the pain that you knew in this world.   But we still miss you.  I relay for you Judy.

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  1. Judy V. will forever be remembered as a funny, witty, deeply spiritual, authentic soul. Judy, you are dearly missed, and I can't even begin to imagine the hole that your death left in the lives of your husband, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. You fought with tenacity and humor. You're my hero. And I love you.

  2. She really was amazing! Bless you for this ... you are amazing too.